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Inspection for readymade garments

berries Rokeya Fabrics Ltd. is a professional inspection company.. We have more than 8 years' experience in inspection field. We have a variety of services that will meet your needs: pre-production inspection, during-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, loading supervision, factory audit .

Continent Inspection Service is an inspection company over 10 years experience in inspection field. Our services covering electron and electrical, soft line, hard-line. Also, we have rich experience in Factory Quality System Audit and Code of Conduct audit. We offer customers an unparalleled advantage through applying our broad technical expertise to fulfill their individual needs.

Our range of services for quality helps customers, such as manufacturers, retailers and traders advance their reputation and master the complexities of the global marketplace. Our advisory services help customers deal with increasingly complex regulation and social issues.

Garment and Apparel Inspection Service include all kind of woven garments, all kind of knit garments , Home textile ,sportswear, rainwear, blouse, sweater, underwear, jeans, bed gown, work cloth etc.

Our inspection services:

Rokeya Fabrics Ltd is a third-party inspection and testing organization providing quality control services for global importers. We are dedicated to protect our clients interests for importing merchandise from Mainland China.

Our aim:

From raw material , appearance, function and safety of different products, our well-trained and qualified inspectors conduct inspections honestly, objectively and responsibly. We have provided inspection services for many clients all over world and enjoy good reputation for our superior services. Although, we have over Eight years' experiences in inspection, all of our staffs update their knowledge and technology to serve our client better.

If you import from China, Helmsman's Quality & Technology Services(HQTS) stands ready to provide you with the best Quality Control services that can be offered!

First, Experience you can rely on. With nearly Eight years of inspection experience, our company is recognized by a diverse client as the partner for Quality Control in Bangladesh.
Secondly, As being one of the earliest professional service organizations, managing in third-party inspection service and product testing, HQTS has 30 well-trained and experienced inspectors,
Thirdly, We have our data system call Management Information System(MIS). From our system, you may store, review and analyze past, present and future would be convenient for your to follow up your orders if you are a heavy importer;

The last but not the least, we offer very competitive price.

Quality Control

Inspection services we provide are as follows:

We believe that our QC services will meet your demands and will help you to save your time and money by eliminating process problems and ensuring that the product meets your customers' expectations. Whenever you want to enjoy the amazing QC partnership with us, we are right here waiting for you.
Should you have any inquiry or need more information, please feel free to contact with us.

According to various styles and different purpose, the inspection will cover parts of the following items: